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Study shows 1 out of every 25 New Yor...

Study shows 1 out of every 25 New Yorkers is a millionaire
When taking a walk down the street in New York and you’re virtually guaranteed to see several millionaires. This is because more than 1 in every 25 New Yorkers is a millionaire. New York ranks fourth in a listing of the top 20 global cities based on the portion of their populations whose net worth, excluding primary residence, tops $1 [...]

12 Common Money Making Mistakes

money mistakes
Paying a visit to the financial planner (excuse the pun) is always a good way to stay abreast of all your financial expenditure and goals.  Here are some quick fix tips to help tweak your financial folly before making the trip. Have a budget: Budgeting is the key to all financial goals and freedom, and not having one is detrimental.  How to i [...]

Easy to Fake It

Counterfeiting is proving to be a much easier feat these days by employing pretty simple or standard modern day technology.  No need for bulky presses or state of the art laser printing.  As long as you keep your ambitions low and have an inkjet printer on hand. Tarshema Brice is hardly a professional counterfeiter, but managed to fake up to [...]

Microgaming ads two new slots games t...

untamed crowned eagle
Microgaming is the leader when it comes to online casino software and online casino games. Microgaming has added another 2 online slots games to there inventory as instant play or download. Loose Canon online slots game - The game offers stacked wilds, expanding wilds, scatters and free spins. If the wild symbol appears on reel 3, it automati [...]

Phil Ivey won $9.6 Million in baccara...

An Atlantic City casino is suing a big-time gambler, claiming he won $9.6 million in a card-cheating scheme in baccarat. The lawsuit alleges Ivey and an associate exploited a defect in cards made by a Kansas City manufacturer that enabled them to sort and arrange good cards in baccarat. The technique gave him an unfair advantage on four occa [...]

Penny Slot Machine cashed out $278,00...

Las Vegas, NV – A very lucky player at a Las Vegas casino walked away with thousands of dollars. Mr. T. Miller claimed a $278,000 jackpot with a spin on the “CLUE” penny slots at the Tropicana, Las Vegas. “We love when our players win big jackpots,” said Armen Yemenidjian, vice president of casino marketing and o [...]

Max Pescatori on the difficulties of ...

Max Pescatori on the difficulties of being a live tournamnet grinder
Lee Davy sits down with Italian Gioco Digitale sponsored pro Max Pescatori to talk about the difficulties of being a professional poker player in today’s tough environment. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Media Director Nolan Dalla recently penned a piece for PokerNews where he questioned whether poker had become unbeatable. In the last 15-y [...]

Lottery Officials Track Woman Who Los...

Lottery Officials Track Woman Who Lost Winning Ticket
Two years ago, on November 20th 2012 Kathryn Jones bought herself a Lotto Max ticket in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. But, unfortunately the ticket got lost and she forgot about it for over a year until the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) found her last week to tell her that she had won $47 million dollars. After a false lotto win [...]

Man Wins Lottery after Listening to H...

Man Wins Lottery after Listening to His Wife
Chad Klepaychuk , A man from Alberta, Canada, has won $15.8 million in the Canadian lottery thanks to his wife making him buy a ticket. Chad Klepaychuk, who comes from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada won $15.8 million in the Canadian lottery thanks to his wife making him buy a ticket.. He said that he was planning to buy a ticket for the Lotto 6-49 [...]

Gambler sues Las Vegas casino after h...

Over the Super Bowl weekend a California man who lost $500,000 during a Las Vegas trip is suing the casino for his losses because he was blackout drunk. Retiree Mark Johnston is now suing the brand new Downtown Grand for loaning him the money and allowing him to play while he was intoxicate. Nevada law bars casinos from allowing visibly drunk [...]